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Alternate High – Far from Nebula (Original Mix) Beyond The Stars Recordings [Promo Video]

We welcome back Alternate High to our imprint, this time with an original ‘Far from Nebula’.

Alternate High, this very talented German producer explains the story behind the feelings of the track he made. How he went through a time in his life very recently where he ended up entering a blurred fog of darkness and couldn’t find a way out or see hope anywhere. A Nebula is something in space very beautiful to look at but inside there is only this disoriented mist maze. But eventually there it was, the strings of lights that lead him out of the confusion and out into the light again where a future and hope was right there in front of him.

This track really has a lot of emotion in it mixed with a positive energy and it’s a fantastic production with a melody you never forget. We thank Michael Schwarze for sharing this personal story and just listen to the track and let the music speak for itself!

Global Release Date: 01/04/2019 (All Stores)

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